Waterproject in Tashi Jong, Northern India

Foundation Kunphen in collaboration with the villagers and local NGO Saptrishi
The project plan and objective is to provide safe drinking water to a small community of 800 Tibetan refugees (monks and lay people) based in the North of India, Tashi Jong. The project consists of:

digging of a well deep enough to ensure continuous water supply even during the summer and adaptation of the existing (rudimentary) water installation in place (pipeline into the houses, tap stand) to supply the villagers with sufficient water;
the introduction of a scheme under which the villagers & monks pay a small fee for their water usage. Collection of the money is done by a water committee, which will also oversee the usage of the collected money towards maintenance purposes. The water committee is installed by the village elders and chief monks. The scheme is to ensure local ownership of this project (which contributes towards its sustainability) and;
education on health, sanitation matters, prevention of water spillage, maintenance and small repairs.
Expected Outcomes
A fully functioning water system that provides

800 people (households, monastery, monks) with sustainable and continuous access to safe drinking water
Significant decrease in illness related to poor supply and bad drinking water
Significant reduction in water fetching time for village people, mostly women and girls
A wise approach towards water use, preventing and reducing spilling.
The project is initiated by foundation Kunphen. Our local partner for the water project is a professional NGO called Support for Sustainable Society (Saptrishi). The NGO is responsible for the construction and building of the well, the setting up of the water committee and the education of the villagers and monks. More information on Saptrishi is found at https://www.saptrishi.in/


The total cost of the project is 30.000 euro’s. Dutch development organization Cordaid has agreed to fund half of this amount (15.000 euro’s). We are urgently seeking funding for the remaining amount.


Tashi Jong is known for its annual festival ‘lama dance’. Hundreds of visitors are welcomed each year. The festival is due to take place mid April 2011. Our aim is to have the well and water system fully functioning before the festival takes place.

Advantages of sponsoring this project

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Kunphen has ANBI status, which means that your donation is tax deductible.

More information

Marcel van der Linde: 0031 6 41306659 or Yvonne van Remmen: 0031 647902312