A donation from you is extremely welcome for them

We need support for Stichting Kunphen

Foundation Kunphen warmly welcomes all your support and help to provide the people of Tashi Jong with better living standards.
Any donation that you make helps to realize the projects of the community and the Foundation.
Water, food and other primary needs are provided because of your help.

Details bankaccount Foundation Kunphen:

Bank account: 1547.83.234
Name of bank: Rabobank
Location: Amsterdam,
the Netherlands

IBAN: NL33RABO0154783234

Do you want to support Stichting Kunphen?

Stichting Kunphen heeft hard al uw steun en support nodig om de bevolking in Tashi Jong verder op weg te kunnen helpen.
Een donatie van u is voor hen buitengewoon welkom om de projecten te kunnen uitvoeren.